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Thanks for the advice but if I had the money to start an IRA I would. But since we cashed in our retirement to pay bills, that is not what can be done at this time.

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Need 4 Gas

Hello, I would recommend going to see a local non-profit lawyer or financial adviser. They could really help you straighten things out and get on the right track financially! I think the number one thing right now is to get a roth IRA to start to save for your retirement again. Also, don't get over whellmed with all your bills, if you can't pay, you can't pay. GOD BLESS!

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Elaine of TSA

Dear Liz: I truly feel for you in this situation. But you need to face that 2,000.00 / mo shortage requires either cutting expenses or increasing income. There isn't any place to get help if they see that it is filling a pot with no bottom. Most agencies require that you have a reasonable plan in place to stabilize situation with their limited crisis intervention funds. So, here is where you need to start rearranging finances and budgeting for new income situation. See the following links for some ideas. Blessings, Elaine ducation/fair_debt.pdf s/Ohio.htm fsp/

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